TotalFBOweb Tips

TotalFBOweb Tips

Printing Successfully

  1. If you connect and see no printers, or if they all disappear, your internet connection has been silently interrupted. The fastest cure is a reboot.
  2. Right-click on the yellow printer icon on your taskbar and select the Advanced button to set your default printer.
  3. If you have many printer connections defined on your workstation which no longer match current printers, it can be difficult to select the right printer during your session. Clean them up before connecting to make printing smoother.
  4. For fastest printing, do not attempt to map all of your available printers. Right-click on the yellow printer icon on your taskbar and check only those printers that you must use with TotalFBO.
  5. If your session is disconnected abnormally, your printer mapping may be left behind (“orphaned”) on our server. If you reconnect quickly, you may see your current printers and one or more orphaned printers in the list. Attempting to print to an orphaned printer will not work. Check the list of available printers to see the session ID associated with each name and match that number to the ID shown at the top of the TotalFBO program window. If they do not match, select another printer in the list that does match, or disconnect your session, wait a few moments, and try again.

Internet Explorer 8 is NOW SUPPORTED

IE8 appears to be working well with the current version of the portal software.

However, be sure that this website ( is added to your Trusted Sites.

Connecting Successfully

Most users connect successfully without any issues. However, if you cannot connect, first be sure your system is not preventing the portal software from operating properly. If necessary, gain the assistance of your internal IT staff to handle these areas:

  1. Firewall Open for Port 4000
    Our portal software communicates securely over a private port, which has been assigned to Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect. Although the software uses the RDP protocol, it is NOT necessary to open the typical Port 3389. Downloading the client is handled on the usual website ports of 80 and 433. But the actual session connections will fail if Port 4000 is not open. Remember that you may have a firewall function at the network level and at the workstation level.
  2. Security Software Exceptions
    If you’re running Windows Defender, Data Execution Prevention, or a similar third-party software which limits the software which allowed to run on your workstation, you must be sure that exceptions are made for the two primary executables needed to run the portal client.

These are:

Ptagent.exe and Ptrdp.exe

Failure to allow one or both of these programs to run will result in messages such as “The PowerTerm WebConnect Server is shut down.”

Logging In

If you have chosen to install the “Application Zone” option (recommended), files will be placed in two areas of your local workstation:

Basic program files will be located at:
C:\Program Files\Ericom Software.

Individual user preferences and login information is stored in the user profile area:

Windows 7:

C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Ericom, AND


Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Local Settings\Application Data\Ericom, AND

C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Application Data\Ericom

Normally, your user login information will be stored for you in the User Profile so that you do not need to re-enter it every time you connect. However, if your network security settings are such that your local profile is not saved after a reboot of your computer, then you will be asked to enter your credentials every time. You may need to contact your network administrator for assistance if your password is not being saved.

If you are sure that your profile settings allow saving preferences, then you may need to right-click on the Application Zone icon and verify that AUTOLOGIN=YES is part of the text in the Target box.


Reconnecting After an Abnormal Termination

If your internet or local area connection is dropped, you should be able to reconnect to your original session if you attempt to login again within 5 minutes.

However, if your terminal server session is forcibly killed or hung, you may be able to login to a new WebConnect session but be denied access to TotalFBO.

When this happens, the cure will be to wait 20 minutes before attempting to access TotalFBO again.

Just as when the program runs on your local servers, your login record is refreshed automatically every 10 minutes while you are logged in. Orphaned login records are deleted after 20 minutes if you are not still logged in. This mechanism is necessary to keep your user sessions separated properly, to make sure that the correct number of licensed users can access the program, and to maintain the audit trail.

If you have waited 20 minutes and still cannot access the program, or if you are unable to establish a WebConnect session, please contact Tech Support for assistance.

Uninstalling the Client

On occasion the client may not fully install, or may not install properly on your workstation because of inadequate user permissions, etc. In addition, you may wish to uninstall the client when a user leaves the company, or you believe the client is corrupted, or when directed to uninstall by Tech Support.

A small utility is available which will quickly remove the client from your workstation. Click on the link below to download the utility. Save it to your desktop and run it once.

Download this Zip file and then extract it on your desktop: WcClean Zipfile

Saving a PDF Report

Setting Up:

Within TotalFBO®, go to Utilities> Set Global Options. In the option tree section titled “Global Options” find “Email.”

This is where you’ll designate your mail server and set up authentication. (Refer to the Helpscreens within the program for more details.) Be sure that you designate your mail server using either a PUBLIC IP address or a DNS name like “”.


  • If you had previously been running TotalFBO® locally on your own server and it worked fine, then it’s likely that now when the email is actually coming from outside your building your server is denying it. Most email servers are set to refuse “relaying” which is necessary to prevent spamming off your server.
  • Most likely you’ll need to set your email server to allow relaying from our IP address, which is Your ISP or server manager should be able to do this for you easily.
  • Finally, be sure the authentication ID and password are set correctly.


If you’re using Postini or a similar third-party email server arrangement, you may be able to use our relay server. Simply set the email server as: “” and indicate that “No Authentication is Required”.

Accessing Your Local Computer's Hard Drive

Within the TotalFBOweb environment each user will have access to a private “My Documents” folder and all users within your company will have access to a “Shared” folder. These folders can be used to save and store reports, logo or other graphic files, etc.

In addition, your session settings will attempt to map to the root of your own workstation’s C:\ drive using the letter “K:\”. This will make it possible for you to copy files back and forth between your workstation and the TotalFBOweb environment.
Rarely, this mapping fails for a specific workstation. These tips may be helpful:

  1. Be sure that you have full rights to the ROOT of your own C:\ drive.
  2. Be sure that your drive is called “C:”. For instance, we cannot map to a MAC or Linux workstation because the local drive is not named this way.
  3. Be sure that is added to your Trusted Sites list in Internet Explorer.
  4. Be sure that your local or network group policies do not disable automatic drive mapping. (Within your Group Policy editor, see “Computer [or User] Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Terminal Services> Client/Server data redirection”> Do not allow drive redirection)

Saving a PDF Report

When you click the “blue crosses” button at the top of a report window, you’ll be offered the opportunity to save your report as a PDF file. You have several choices about where to save the file. The default location is your personal “My Documents” folder on the TotalFBOweb server.


However, if you UNCHECK the box, you can then browse to see all your choices.

You can click to see and browse the folders in your My Documents area, or the Shared area, which is also a folder located on the TotalFBOweb server that is accessible to all users in your company.

Finally, you can select the button titled Workstation, which displays the contents of your local C:\ drive. You may need to be patient, as it may take several moments for the window to fully display.

How to Handle Specific Error Messages

Please contact Tech Support if you receive unusual or frequent error messages. Whenever an error is the result of a condition on our servers, every effort will be made to correct it immediately. However, some errors arise from issues in your own environment. As these are identified, we’ll post them here for your reference.

Digital Certificate Out of Date

This error indicates an issue with the installation of Java on the local workstation. Reboot the workstation. If the error does not clear, update Java.

Program Directory Listing Failed

This message can display when your workstation is connected before the security policy settings have been fully applied. Usually waiting a moment and attempting to reconnect is all that is needed. This error occurs more frequently at the start of a day or when your local internet connection is slow.

The PowerTerm WebConnect Server is shut down

Indicates that security software on the local workstation is preventing PTAGENT.EXE and/or PTRDP.EXE from running. See Connecting Successfully