TotalFBO Software Features

The Essential Aviation Business Tool

The aviation business is complex and specialized. You need simple and specialized tools at your fingertips.

TotalFBO® was started from scratch with a full understanding of the specific needs of the aviation industry. It’s the one software program written specifically for managing the operations and finances for aviation businesses.

Not an “off-the-shelf” accounting system; the essential aviation business tool you need.

Specific Features

Accounting Features

Full Departmental Accounting

How much is each department contributing to the bottom line? You’ll know with TotalFBO® – and also track transactions BETWEEN departments automatically, such as fueling charter aircraft or maintenance for flight school airplanes.

Fully GAAP-compliant Accounting Functions

This is solid, double-entry bookkeeping, with features like WIP posting, automatic reversing for accruals, Cash-Flow statements, and detailed audit trails your CPA will love!

Import Journal Entries

Easily import large journal entries from spreadsheets or outside payroll services. Even set up recurring journal entries for those depreciation or other accruals.

Charter Features

Quotes Adjust for Winds & Performance

TotalFBO® not only calculates distance for each leg, but adjusts for seasonal winds aloft along the route, aircraft performance during climb and cruise, even airport delays and vectoring. Get the most accurate quotes available anywhere!

Flight Manifest

Dispatch each charter flight with a complete manifest including passenger names, basic weight and loading information, itinerary, and even international declarations.

Instant Charter Quick-Quotes

Close the sale with a Quick-Quote while you’re on the phone with just a few clicks. Then add supporting details like passenger names and customer preferences at your leisure. Re-use any quote as a template, and honor special discount arrangements for each customer automatically.

Email a Charter Quote to a prospect!

Customer/Employee/Pilot Currency

Each pilot record tracks not only basic information, but type currency, checkouts, and special requirements. Pilot records are matched to employees or customers as needed for proper security and billing.

Flight School Features

Customizable Instruction Syllabus

Create your own flight lessons for each course and automatically track students’ completion and grades as you check them in for each flight. Never chase an instructor for records again!


Offer customizable bundles of courses and flight time to meet your customers’ needs (ex private pilot package, commercial pilot packages). Track student details to ensure prerequisites are met.


Schedule conference rooms, aircraft, instructors, charter flights, employee vacations–you name it!

Course Enrollment Tracking and Reporting

Front Counter Features

Front Counter Super Screen

ONE display that supports your CSRs fully, so they can see at a glance what’s coming and going on your ramp, manage invoicing, reservations, and dispatching, and respond to requests for concierge services – even look up visitors by tail number!

Situation Display for Lobby or Line Crew

Set up a large-screen display in your lobby to let visitors know the status of arriving and departing flights. Set up another (different view) to help your line crew track services needed on the ramp.


TotalFBO offers automatic updates from FlightBridge.

Fuel Tracking Features

Fuel Truck Interface

TotalFBO® can now import invoices from your electronic truck system. You can choose to import invoices either in batch mode or in real-time, using the radio interface. Works with Contrec, FuelMaster, Veeder Root,  Liquid Controls, TCS, Siteminder and more!

Fuel Farm Tracking and Reconciliation 

Easily track quantity in each tank or truck as well as total inventory quantity. Handles recirculation, sumps, and transfers quickly!

Invoicing & Processing Features

Accurate Invoicing and Pricing

Easily handles pricing for groups of customers or just one, volume discounts, and sale pricing – every time, automatically, for every item or service sold, including special fees and internal sales. Faster sales, less training for CSRs, and increased accuracy – and you can toss your dog-eared price lists!

Automatic Invoicing from Concierge Requests

Enter it once and use it everywhere is a big benefit of TotalFBO’s integration, and it really pays off at a busy front counter. Once a customer’s concierge requests are stored you’ll create a matching invoice with only a few clicks.

TouchScreen Invoicing

With just a simple finger-press to the screen, you can make new invoices. Simple and easier to use than ever before, this Point-Of-Sale display option lets CSRs breeze through invoices with an absolute minimum of training.

Default Invoice Lines for Ramp Fees

Do you need to charge a ramp fee to every customer who visits? Never forget to charge again with TotalFBO®. Also useful for surcharges and any other standard fee.

Automatic Ramp and Landing Fee Calculation

Automatically calculate ramp and/or landing fees based on aircraft model, weight or another schedule you set up. You just approve the selected fee to complete the invoice.

Card Processing

TotalFBO® offers more flexibility by designating in real-time which processor is used to authorize a given card type. Processors include AIR Card®, AVCARD®, Avfuel, Alliance, MS Aviation, EPIC, Shell, UV Air, Colt, Phillips 66 and more – even contract cards and pilot awards!

PCI Compliant

TotalFBO® is PCI Compliant – a must if you accept credit cards for payment!

Personnel Management Features

Integrated Employee Time-clock

Not only can you use the built-in function to record employee time from any workstation directly to a shop order, you can also import time clock data from most external clock systems.

Crew Member Duty Log Tracking

Forget the complicated forms you used to use for duty logs. Just check flights in and out, and the times you enter will be used to update the duty logs as well as the aircraft maintenance warnings.


Calculate employee salaries, tax deductions, and administer employee benefitss. Our payroll module is fully integrated and gives the benefits of simplified payroll processing. It provides complete information of employee’s profile with detailed employee reporting, salary report, direct deposit report, employee department and more!


Schedule conference rooms, aircraft, instructors, charter flights, employee vacations–you name it!

Reporting Features

Reporting Options

Each report has many options for customization, and you can also export many reports to your spreadsheet for further analysis. Also, each report has its own security requirements, so sensitive information stays where it should.

You can email any report in pdf form from within TotalFBO® at the touch of a button. Email an invoice or a statement to a customer! Email financial statements to your banker!

Shop/Maintenance Features

Maintenance Projections

Eliminate the whiteboard and simply print one simple report to let pilots, maintenance staff, and charter sales personnel know when an aircraft will need to be down for maintenance. Each time you invoice the flight, times and cycles are automatically updates on the aircraft record for a truly current maintenance status on your entire fleet. Another report lets you look forward to better plan your maintenance schedule – or remind customers to schedule their next visit.

GSE and Tool Maintenance Tracking

Easily track required and performed maintenance for all tools, equipment and vehicles you own.

Weight & Balance Tracking

Add any serialized component to an aircraft from a shop order and it’s also added to the weight record of the aircraft. Simply enter the base weight and generate a current report, complete with sign-off, when you need it.

Bar Code Input & Printing

Generate barcode labels for parts, shop orders, discrepancies, employee ids, pilot supplies– and use them throughout the program to speed data entry for invoicing, time entry, inventory, and more.

Digital Authorization for Shop Orders

Securely authorize repair work for electronically with just a swipe of your magnetic card. Verify instantly whether shop orders have been changed at any time.

Track Cores

Never lose a core charge credit again. Take a component off the aircraft and it creates a core record. As you move the core through the process, each stage is tracked on the record. Run a report at any time to verify the status.

Log Book Entries

Generate log book entries for aircraft owners.  Details include repairs complete, aircraft times, certification and more as needed. TotalFBO now offers the ability to import Journal Entries from Corridor.

Batch Processing of Key Functions

TotalFBO now offers automatic processing of key functions such as Monthly Accounting Close, Nightly Credit Card batch closing, Posting Work-In-Process.

Technology Features

Built on Microsoft SQL platform

Beginning with Version 4.0 of TotalFBO® is built upon the rock-solid database engine that the ‘big boys’ use, Microsoft SQL Server. This version of the program is much more than just an interface to a new database engine, it’s a complete rewrite to make optimum use of SQL’s high performance capabilities. Reports that used to take minutes now run in seconds. New column-by-column sort and search capabilities make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for in those larger-than-ever files. And data integrity with MS/SQL is literally world-class. It takes abuse and protects your data even when power goes out, people reboot machines at the wrong time, and more!

Scheduled Automatic Backups

Not only can you make a backup any time – even when users are in the program – but you can schedule the backups to occur automatically whenever you like, without ever knowing SQL.

Enterprise-Wide Data

With today’s marketplace combining more FBOs into a single business, the Enterprise edition allows you to run multiple locations independently from each other, yet sharing certain key elements. You can build a nationwide customer database, giving customers the feeling of working with the same company no matter which location they fly into. And consolidated financials and inter-location revenue is an automatic feature. The larger your company is, the more you need the Enterprise!

Software Modules by Category


General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Bank Export


Ground Service Equipment
Fuel Management
Rental Space Management


 Shop Invoicing
Parts Import


Curriculum Management
Flight School


Charter Quotes
Charter Flight Dispatch
Preflight Dispatch
Leaseback Reporting


AcUKwik Import
Time Clock
Air Tour
Card Processing

Module Bundle Examples

Our  modules can be bundled together to meet your business’s specific needs. Listed here are examples of frequently-requested module packages. Packages are available at pricing which is substantially less than the total of individual modules included when purchased separately.


All Accounting Modules • Shop Order Invoicing • Aircraft Maintenance & Mgmt • Inventory Control • Ordering/Receiving • Avionics • GSE/Tool Maintenance • Time Clock


All Accounting Modules • Inventory Control • Ordering/Receiving • Reservations/Scheduling • Concierge • GSE/Tool Maintenance


All Accounting Modules • Aircraft Maintenance & Mgmt • Inventory Control • Reservations/Scheduling • Flight School • Preflight Dispatch


All Accounting Modules • Aircraft Maintenance & Mgmt • Charter Quotes • Reservations/Scheduling • Charter Flight Dispatch • Air Tour • Ac-U-Kwik Import