Training Options

All classes provide information-packed guided instruction on the TotalFBO® program.

Classes are held at our Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, (a suburb of Tulsa). Our Training Center provides 16 computers to maximize hands-on learning for each student, and features state-of-the-art projection from the instructor’s computer. While user interaction is encouraged and solicited, the classroom schedule does not allow for extended exploration of live user database setup or administration. A separate Focus Session or after-hours consultation with a trainer can be arranged in advance to meet individual needs.

We recommend that new customers combine a Setup Class with an Onsite Visit for the smoothest transition to TotalFBO®.

Training Descriptions

For a complete listing of topics and focused session options, visit our Training Options Comparison page.

One size RARELY fits all, so we’ve made a variety of options available to meet your training and accounting needs!

Initial Setup Course

This intensive, week-long course is designed to help new customers develop a plan for setting up data, and to become familiar with basic program usage. The program is covered as an overview, with strong emphasis on the accounting functions.

TotalFBO® differs from most other programs in use today in its integration. Data is entered by a wide variety of staff members and may be made available to all departments as needed. In addition, TotalFBO® offers many options and choices which make it flexible and customizable to meet the needs of most aviation industry businesses.

The initial setup of the program and your data is an important factor in guaranteeing your results. We recommend that accounting and managerial staff members receive training in order to make your setup process as smooth and productive as possible. For best results, students should have a working knowledge of their company’s policies and procedures, as well as data requirements. New employees should delay training until they have this familiarity.

Focus Sessions

Setup classes are designed to provide an overview for the new user, and may not be an appropriate training solution for all situations. If your organization has been using TotalFBO® for a while and needs a more customized training experience, the Focus Session may be for you. Similarly, you may wish to learn more about new features, or do in-depth training for staff on daily usage.

A Certified Instructor will work with you to design a session that meets your needs, including such areas as database review, reconciliation assistance, in-depth training of new staff members, and procedure and policy design.

Focus Sessions are held in our Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and can accommodate from 1 to 6 participants for the same flat fee per day. The typical session spans 1 to 3 days, depending on your goals and needs. For best availability, we suggest that you schedule your session 30 to 60 days in advance.

Onsite Training

When it’s more cost-effective for a Trainer to come to you, onsite training is available. Experienced, Certified Trainers can assist you with customizing and setting up your program, as well as training staff members in each department on the functions they’ll be using every day.

Our advice to new users is to send one or two staff members to the 5-day Setup course to get a good overview of the program and to develop a realistic plan for getting your company’s data set up correctly. Then an onsite visit by one of our Certified Trainers can be scheduled about a month later. The Trainer can review your setup and help you fine-tune it, answer any questions you may have, and assist you with training the entire staff.

If you would prefer that the Trainer actually help with the installation and setup process, then we suggest that you schedule two visits from the Trainer, about a month apart. The first visit would concentrate on setup, working with only one or two key individuals; and the second visit would concentrate on training the staff. It is important that your key personnel be thoroughly familiar with the setup and customizing decisions which are made so that you will be able to maintain and manage your system after the Trainer has gone.

Trainers’ schedules fill up fast, so we sugggest that you schedule your onsite visit about 60 days in advance.

Telephone Consultation

World Fuel Services staff members are available for telephone consultation in order to meet a variety of needs. This might include training an individual (or small group) on a specialized procedure or topic, providing guidance on developing procedures, analyzing accounting issues, or similar needs which fall outside the normal scope of Technical Support.

Telephone Consultations must be scheduled in advance and are billed in two-hour increments.

Training Center

Our modern training center is locate in Broken Arrow, a suburb on the southeast side of Tulsa.

Contact Details

1621 S Eucalyptus Ave, Suite 103
Broken Arrow OK 74012

General Information & Sales:
PHONE: (888) 812-3866

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Class Times

Classes are 9:00am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 5:00pm CST.

What to Wear

Dress is “business casual” which will be comfortable for long periods of sitting. Although we strive to make the temperature comfortable for everyone, the classroom will tend to be cool more often than warm, so you may wish to bring along a light jacket or sweater.

What to Bring

You’ll be provided with a course manual and materials needed for the class. You may wish to bring a notepad for personal use.

You should NOT bring a laptop for use in the classroom, as each student’s work area is equipped with a computer. You should NOT bring your company’s database with you, unless you have pre-arranged a private conference scheduled outside of class times (or you are attending a Focus session).