Support Solutions

Support Solutions

Packages come with 90 days of FREE installation support, which includes unlimited telephone service, support website access, discounts on classes and onsite training, access to Horizon’s emergency service line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all program updates and additions during that period.

After completion of the initial 90-day period of free installation support, we suggest that you participate in one of the following service plans so that you can guarantee that you’ll get the best value out of your investment in TotalFBO®, and have a voice in the user community.

You may extend your CustomerCare™ Plan to an annual basis by choosing one of three CustomerCare™ service plans.dualdesk

Support Plans

All Support Plans Include:

  • Access to the Support Website
  • After-hours emergency pager support
  • Discounts on classroom and on-site training
  • Unlimited telephone & email support for bug-related issues
  • Free updates (Note:  Only customers on the “Full” package will not receive enhancements released as new modules.)

Basic Support Plan:

  • Up to 120 minutes of telephone & email support per month for NON bug-related issues
  • Unused minutes can roll over to following months (maximum 600 minutes)
  • More than 5 users, add 10 minutes per month for each additional user

Advanced Support Plan:

  • Unlimited telephone & email support

Premium Support Plan:

  • Not available to single users
  • Unlimited telephone & email support
  • 2 days per year of on-site training and support (does not include travel and per diem expenses)
  • ENTERPRISE USERS: 2 days per year of on-site training and support
  • ENTERPRISE USERS: 1 additional day per year of on-site training and support for each additional location
  • Unused on-site days expire annually