We Take Your Security Seriously!

The TotalFBOweb environment was designed from the beginning to provide maximum security for your company’s data.

Physical Security:

Your data is maintained on servers which are physically located in a co-location facility operated by TulsaConnect. This is a hardened facility with multiple redundant systems to provide power, fire suppression, and internet access to customers. TulsaConnect meets compliance standards for PCI and HIPAA requirements, among others. We invite you to learn more about TulsaConnect from their website. You can even take a virtual tour of the DC2 facility.

Logical Security:

The entire TotalFBOweb environment is physically and logically separated from other domains and networks used by TotalFBO. Your database is never identified, even internally, with your company name or other identifying information.TotalFBO maintains a separate PCI compliance certification for the TotalFBOweb environment and service. Most TotalFBO employees do not have internal access to the environment.

Ongoing Effort:

Security is not something you can do once and forget. It requires constant attention, improvement, and education. TotalFBO regularly tests and upgrades our software, our hardware, and our procedures to keep abreast of changing needs. In addition, we maintain an active information and education effort through emails, newsletters and our support contacts with customers. We encourage our customers to do the same, and to ask questions and take advantage of resources we provide on our websites to enhance your own security program.

Together, we make it safe for all of us!