Aviation Software News Q3 2019

2019 Aviation Software Conference – Register to Attend

We are excited to announce that our 2019 Software User’s Conference will take place Tuesday, Oct. 1, through Thursday, Oct. 3, in Austin, Texas.

The User’s Conference is one of our favorite events of the year, and we always look forward to showing our customers the latest items from our software, as well as learning from and collaborating with our customers.

Click here to register for the 2019 Aviation Software Conference or to learn more.

Project Catapult (World Fuel’s Next Evolution of FBO Software)

Development is moving forward full speed ahead on World Fuel’s newest FBO software. Feedback continues to be extremely positive from FBO employees who are helping drive this revolutionary solution.

In our latest round of usability testing, three FBOs were invited to participate and test functionality. They began with setting up fuel tanks, fuel trucks, and ramp services, then moved into Service Request and line centric task management, finally culminating by generating an invoice. Participants provided an enormous amount of great feedback. The development team was able to implement changes immediately and continue to refine key areas of the application.

Last month, an update on the project roadmap was provided at the Air Elite by World Fuel Conference in Charlotte, NC. Following this presentation, customers who have contributed to our software journey sat in a panel and provided feedback to their colleagues about their experience. The support of our customers and FBO partners is a vital piece in helping World Fuel to deliver the best possible application to our customers.

We hope you will be joining us for the Aviation Software Conference in October where we will debut our Grand Demo of the software. Shortly after, we are looking forward to onboarding our first set of FBOs to Beta test as product development continues.

On the Ground Feedback

Vail Valley Jet Center recently welcomed two of our application developers who are working on the creation of our upcoming FBO software. Providing the right solutions the first time is important, so our developers worked alongside line personnel, the CSR manager, and the CFO to get on-the-ground feedback.

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Personalized Signature and Logo

  • Add a personalized signature and include a logo on all emails sent automatically from TotalFBO.
  • Users can go to File> User > Preferences. On Tab 5, users can customize their signatures.


Schedaero Integration

  • The Schedaero integration is almost ready to go back to our field testers.
  • Early testers identified several key areas that needed to be added to the Schedaero integration.
  • We’ve worked with Schedaero to identify those key deficiencies, and they are adjusting their integration.
  • We expect to restart field testing in September based on Schedaero’s delivery of the revised import.


Chart of Accounts Naming Format

  • Do you have a Chart of Accounts naming format, that you want for your financial reports, that may not make sense to your customers?
  • Many customers use account names such as Deferred Revenue – Pre-Paid Hangar. You can now add an Alternate Billing Name on your GL Account. Enter an Alternate Billing Description on Tab 2 of the GL account, and check the Show Alternate Billing Phrase from G/L Account, on Tab 2 of an invoice style sheet.
  • Then the new phrase will be printed on your invoice. Your Deferred Revenue – Pre-Paid Hangar can now read ‘Monthly Hangar on the invoice!

AvPOS/Total Aviation Software

The AvPOS/Total Aviation Software team is excited to announce the rollout of the latest enhancements to the payment swipe screen. These new updates are not only cosmetic, but provide an improved workflow which cuts down on unnecessary clicks and extra steps when processing credit card transactions. Users will have noticed an updated look and more streamlined workflow throughout the application.

The continued development and updates to AvPOS/TAS are being done on a state-of-the-art technology stack to provide our customers with the latest tools. To ensure these tools are available to our customers, we recommend that users operate on the latest versions of their internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer Edge).

Software Support Spotlight

The Aviation Software Support team is working hard to deliver World class customer service! Our team is ready to assist you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. On-call support is also available for urgent matters outside normal business hours.

Aviation Software Customer Support
Telephone: +1 844 286-5992
E-mail: FBOsoftwaresupport@wfscorp.com

It has been one year since the Software Support team implemented a new and more robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. We now have integrated our phone system with it in March of this year. This is another major milestone in our ongoing efforts to deliver continuous improvement. As part of this functionality, we may take a little more time with your call to update our records in our system so that your phone number is added to your contact and the system will help us recognize you next time you call in. We all look forward to providing you with great customer service!

Our team’s goal is to always answer your calls in 30 seconds or less. During high call volume times, it may be a longer wait. After selecting your software option, there is an option to press 0, and you will be able to leave a message. This may assist if you are busy as well at your location. The message automatically creates a case in our CRM system with the recording, and it will be addressed in the order it was received.

Billing Questions? You can email support and we will assist by getting it to the right party, but a faster response can be achieved by emailing aviationbillings@wfscorp.com. This email address appears on your monthly bill as well.

Training needed for you and your staff? You can email fbosoftwaresales@wfscorp.com or call 888-827-3673 where the request will be delivered to your software salesperson who will get the process started.