Aviation Software News Q1 2019

2019 Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference

World Fuel Services exhibited and co- hosted 80 FBO partner exhibits January 29-31, 2019, at the Marriot San Antonio Riverwalk for the 2019 Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference. It was a fun and educational three days packed with attendee collaboration and feedback. For those who weren’t able to join us this year, we hope to see you at next year’s conference.

AvPos/Total Aviation Software

The AvPOS/TAS presence at the 2019 Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference saw a significant increase over previous years. The turnout of customers and users far exceeded previous conferences, and the morale was high. Customers repeatedly commented on the overall success and direction the software has taken since last year’s conference.

The AvPOS/Total Aviation Software team ended 2018 on a high note and has started 2019 with that same passion. In 2019, customers will see some important changes for AvPOS/Total Aviation software which should bring a significant increase in value to our ever-growing customer base.

We continue to see the adoption of the new World Fuel Rewards points functionality. Users can now check the balance and issue points for World Fuel Services Rewards (previously known as FlyBuys) members. Additionally, the World Fuel Services contract fuel release integration has proven to be a big hit with our customers.

The AvPOS/TAS & Phillips 66 partnership exceeded expectations in 2018, and that trend is continuing throughout the first quarter of 2019. We have surpassed 125 new locations moving onto the AvPOS platform and expect that number to grow to several hundred new locations in 2019.

Throughout the first half of the year, the AvPOS/TAS platform will be migrated to a state-of-the-art Amazon Web Service (AWS) hosting environment. Many of you may have seen an AWS commercial on TV recently. Though users will notice no changes, moving to this latest technology environment will provide an exceptional platform for AvPOS/Total Aviation Software and will position our ability to grow with future technology offerings.

As a team, we look forward to the opportunity and challenges 2019 presents. Our continued partnership with our customers and bringing them success and growth will always be our biggest goal.

Project Catapult (World Fuel’s Next Evolution of FBO Software)

Project Catapult team members hit the ground running in 2019. We began the year by tackling the less glamorous, but extremely crucial aspects of user-facing setup screens. Five FBO employees completed approximately six hours of usability testing on these modules and were able to provide us with great feedback.

During these sessions, users were asked to navigate through the application to set up a new fuel tank, create an inventory item, and generate a fee as part of a billable group. Afterward, we were able to take their input to make a general design, and with task flow tweaks so our development team can bring these features to life.

While the developers work their magic, our user experience group is finalizing the invoice creation screens where we have identified the key features that our customers have asked for in this critical element. We will be closing out work on task management and vendor set up modules.

As with every aspect of this user-driven application, we look forward to the feedback we will receive from the voices of our FBO partners on these areas of the program.

The 2019 Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference brought about a lot of great discussions with our valued FBO partners.  It is so motivating for our team when we interact with customers that are as excited about this project as we are.

Project Catapult is still actively looking for customers that are interested in participating in usability sessions, as well as onboarding to the initial release of the program once complete.  Please contact Jamie Santiago at jsantiago@wfscorp.com if you are interested in being a part of this exciting journey and thank you so much for your continued support.


The TotalFBO development team has been busy addressing customer needs and requests. Items that we’ve been working on include:

  • Online processing for World Fuel Rewards has been released to production. If you want to add this great function, please call tech support for help setting it up.
  • Field testing has begun for online processing of World Fuel sales orders and open fuel releases.
  • Budgeting for fuel gallons is a request that many of you have had. You’ll be able to set up budgets for the normal fuel types, but also break it out for contract and customer-owned (into-plane) fuels.
  • Credit card product codes have been updated to the latest codes for all AHT gateways.
  • The start-up routine has been modified to include a check of uncommitted transactions, and to delete any that qualify. To qualify for deletion, the transaction entry date must be two days old, have no associated customer ID or no transaction date. This will help when you are trying to close your month, but can’t find the uncommitted items to fix.
  • Aircraft models have been updated to include additional models, data fields, and additional information that was available from the FAA. This data includes fields for aircraft dimensions which is useful for those of you basing ramp fees on aircraft size.
  • As communicated throughout 2018, the TotalFBO Payroll module has been retired and TotalFBO is not equipped to support 2018 filings. The 2019 tax forms for 2018 filings will not be available. Also, the ability to process payroll checks is no longer supported.


Related functionality that remains in TotalFBO:

  • Time clock
  • Employee ability to clock in and clock out
  • Employee ability to clock in and clock out of work orders
  • Ability to bill for employee time on shop orders
  • Support for importing journal entries
  • Ability to match employees with external payroll programs
  • Effort is currently underway to deliver an exportable file format approved by payroll provider ADP.


TotalFBO Accounting Tip:

If you have uncommitted transactions, please commit them as soon as possible to ensure your accounting and inventory entries are correct.

To check to see if you have any, go to Accounting>Invoicing>Reports & Listings. On Tab 2, run the ‘Uncommitted Transactions’ report. If any items show up, locate the invoice or shop order through the Invoice or Shop Order Browse screen to change it. Once the invoice or shop order is changed, select OK. This action will commit the invoice and update any tables.

If you can’t find a specific uncommitted transaction, please call tech support.


As a courtesy reminder, every Monday night, TFBO Web will undergo maintenance from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning Central time. By design, users will not be able to log into the system during scheduled maintenance windows. If you are still unable to log in after 5:00 a.m. Central time, please call our support line at 844-286-5992, option 2, so we can make sure your service is restored.

Software Support Spotlight

The customer support team has implemented a new phone system. As a result, part of your support call may involve us getting a little more information from you so we can update your account record with a phone number, e-mail address, or other contacts with your organization. This will enable us to better serve you, as the new system will find your account and present it to us when we take your future calls. We appreciate your patience during this process.

As part of the new phone system, please make sure that you are calling our toll-free number (+1 844-286-5992) and choosing the correct option, rather than calling a support technician directly. This will make it easier for us to help resolve your issue or answer your questions more quickly.

You can also always e-mail our support team at fbosoftwaresupport@wfscorp.com.

  • If you are contacting the support team regarding an accounting balance issue, please be prepared to provide us with the last time the account was in balance. Also, please be sure to refer to the help screens on reconciliation. The help screens do provide useful tips and can help determine on which day the accounting went out of balance. It is advised to reconcile everyday as issues are more easily identifiable if you encounter them on that day.
  • When contacting the support team, please try to document, video or screenshot your issue if possible, as well as steps you took when encountering the issue. This greatly assists our team in troubleshooting or replicating the issue.


Aviation Software Customer Support
Telephone: +1 844 286-5992
E-mail: FBOsoftwaresupport@wfscorp.com