Aviation Software News Q4 2018

2018 Aviation Software Conference

World Fuel Services hosted many of our Aviation Software partners Sept. 19-21 at the Hotel ZAZA in Houston for the 2018 Aviation Software Conference. It was a fun and educational three days packed with attendee collaboration and feedback. For those who weren’t able to join us this year, we hope we’re able to see you at next year’s conference. Until then, click here to view some of the attendee resources for the 2018 conference.


We were excited to see both new and long-term TotalFBO users, many of which commented on this being the best conference in recent years. Attendees especially liked being able to meet the actual software development team along with key World Fuel staff.

Much of the buzz was due to the rollout of version 7.10 and the awareness that we had included many TotalFBO users in the planning and review of new functionality. Many users voiced interest in participating on future user panels and also said they would like to see a user forum in the near future.  A few of the Version 7.10 highlights include:

  • Rollout of Management Alerts that will email specific users if certain conditions exist
  • New invoice browse screen that accommodates both classic and touchscreen interfaces
  • Rollout of online processing of World Fuel Rewards along with the ability to process fuel releases automatically without manually entering the information
  • Ability to talk with the development team about upcoming changes


Users also took advantage of the fact that key industry partners were on hand to help answer questions concerning the upcoming payroll transition with ADP, FlightBridge integration, and Corridor imports.

As always, the highlight of the conference was the ability to network among other users.  The interaction and discussion of best practices this year featured TotalFBO users presenting how they use the software to run their business.

AvPOS/Total Aviation Software

The AvPOS/TAS presence at the Aviation Software Conference saw a significant increase over previous years. The turnout of customers and users far exceeded previous conferences, and the morale was high. Customers repeatedly commented on the overall success and direction the software has taken since last year’s conference.

This year, the focus was on listening to customers and using their input to drive the software to new heights. Having the software development team in attendance for the conference provided a great resource for our customers to share ideas and best practices, as well as bounce new and exciting enhancement requests directly to the folks building the software.

The Hangar Management tool, as well as further integration with FlightBridge, were hot topics amongst our customers.

Breakout Session Topics:

  • Contract Fuel Integration updates
  • CRM best practices
  • Hangar Management tool overview
  • Various third-party accounting integration sessions


Another highlight of the conference was the partnership between World Fuel and Phillips 66 to roll out the P66 branded version of AvPOS. This partnership shows the support of the AvPOS software by a company with the stature of Phillips 66. Currently, more than 100 Phillips branded FBOs have begun using AvPOS for their transaction processing, adding to an existing customer base of more than 2,000 locations internationally.

The AvPOS/Total Aviation Software team – from product owner, customer support, account managers, and most importantly our customer base – left the user’s conference proud of the accomplishments over the past year and excited about the direction we’re headed as a team.

Next Evolution of FBO Software

The Next Evolution of FBO Software, also known as “Project Catapult,” was able to connect with many of the users present at the conference. During the breakout times, 15 attendees were able to test limited versions of the Service Request form. From these sessions, the team was able to gather useful data that will be used to continue development of the user-driven application.

In addition to the great feedback we received from the usability testing, we also gathered an abundance of helpful information from completed surveys and signed up 20 additional participants for ongoing testing, many of whom have already participated in prototype assessments since the conference.

We are looking forward to the 2019 Aviation Software Conference and hope to you will join us!


The 2018 NBAA-BACE in Orlando, FL, was a great success! Throughout the entire show, our Aviation Software team was continually working on software demos and best practice discussions. The show allowed us to foster a positive customer facing experience for our partners.

We were excited to see so many of our aviation partners, and it was such a pleasure to visit with our customers and hear about their software successes. The conference was also an opportunity to provide our customers with a platform to share their stories with other aviation software users. While the software booth was engaged with demos, we also took the opportunity to visit with you in your booths and network with many of your team members.

The release of TotalFBO version 7.10 spurred a lot of interest in customers to stop by for a demo. The show was a great opportunity to showcase some of the new features and enhancements of version 7.10. We thoroughly enjoyed participating in robust discussions on best practices and deep dives into particular challenges.

A recurring theme throughout this year was the P66/AvPOS partnership. As P66 merchants begin to move away from the VX Point of Sale machines and look to utilize a cloud-based transaction point of sale solution, AvPOS is the preferred choice. Our theme of continuous strategic enhancements of the software and commitment to adding value to our customers has served as the foundation for success. The AvPOS/Total Aviation Software team (Product Owner, Account Managers, and Sales team) left with a renewed energy about the positive impact AvPOS/TAS is having on our customer base.

The Project Catapult team introduced two new prototypes to users at this year’s conference. These prototypes included phase one of Invoicing and setting up billable Items.  We also furthered our testing on Service Request with a handful of FBO employees and received positive feedback.

We want to thank everyone who has partnered with us on this software journey. We could not accomplish our achievements without you, and we look forward to continuing to receive your input as we work to provide our trusted partners with a state-of-the-art software solution.

Business Jet Center

Important TotalFBO Payroll Reminder

As communicated throughout this year, the TotalFBO Payroll module has been retired, and TotalFBO is not equipped to support 2018 filings. It is important to note that although 2018 tax charts were incorporated along with the 2018 Form 941, the 2019 tax forms for 2018 filings will not be available. Also, the ability to process payroll checks is no longer supported.

Related functionality that remains in TotalFBO:

  • Time clock
  • Employee ability to clock in and clock out
  • Employee ability to clock in and clock out of work orders
  • Ability to bill for employee time on shop orders
  • Support for importing journal entries
  • Ability to match employees with external payroll programs


An effort is currently underway to deliver an exportable file format approved by payroll provider ADP.

Software Support Spotlight

The Aviation Software Support team is working hard to deliver world-class customer service! Our team is ready to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. On-call support is also available for urgent matters outside of normal business hours.

Aviation Software Customer Support
Telephone: +1 844 286-5992
E-mail: FBOsoftwaresupport@wfscorp.com