Aviation Software News Q2 2018

Aviation Software Evolution

Development efforts are in full-swing in Houston, as our teams work toward an aggressive schedule, in an effort to deliver this much-anticipated program. Usability testing has commenced and it is so exciting to watch as our vision comes to life. The immediate focus over the next several weeks will be on areas of the program that affect customer service and line service directly. Following the testing and refining of these modules, we then move on to the all-important area of invoicing & reporting.

There are pieces of the application that are conceptually new to many operations. While it can be a challenge to imagine innovative technology replacing existing protocols, the creation of these components came directly from feedback we received from our visits to FBOs across the country. We look forward to introducing these advancements to you and your team as our journey continues.

As in the beginning, our trusted FBO partners are the crucial piece to this software puzzle and we greatly appreciate all of your input and participation thus far. If you are interested in participating in testing and have not yet provided your information, please e-mail Jamie Santiago, Sr. Product Manager, Aviation Software.

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TotalFBO News

News from the Development Team

Since January 1, 2018, the development team has completed 189 programming items – 90 enhancements and 99 corrected deficiencies.

Notable Version 7 Enhancements

Enhancements continue to be made to the Concierge module.

  • A shortcut has been added to the Concierge Super Screen that will take a user directly to the FlightBridge website
  • Report enhancements have been made to take advantage of the new features
  • Tail number lookup options have been added to the FlightBridge synch settings


General Ledger accounts can now be disabled. This prevents them from being selected from a browse list. Any balances on those accounts will continue to be included on financial reports.

The Query Library continues to be utilized for custom report requests. Some notable enhancements are:

  • A database check to verify a database has no missing primary keys
  • A report showing missing check numbers for a specified date range
  • A report showing all the checks made for any date range and invoice numbers (and IDs) for each check paid

Invoicing enhancements:

  • Price Rules have been enhanced
    • Price Rules can be assigned by Selection Code
    • Promo items now support Fixed and Discount price calculations
  • Style sheet options have been added to show delivery date/time for metered fluid
  • Security privilege levels can be assigned to offline payment methods

The entire development team is excited about what’s coming in v7.10. The planned early enhancements in version 7.10 include:

  • Improved email functionality
  • The ability to schedule batch closing of credit card batches
  • The ability to import Corridor accounting entries
  • An enhanced touchscreen interface for invoicing
  • The ability to import physical inventory counts


We will continue to fix deficiencies and support code changes in version 7.0 through 12/31/18. However, enhancements will only be delivered in version 7.10.

Field testing is expected to be complete by the end of summer 2018.

Version 7.0 will not be supported with programming code changes after 12/31/18.

Reminder to upgrade to version 7.1. You must be on version 7 to upgrade. Version 6.3 (or earlier) users will not be able to upgrade directly to version 7.1.

Payroll Update

As communicated earlier this year, the Payroll module is being retired, and TotalFBO will only be equipped to fully support 2017 filings.  It is important to note that although 2018 tax charts were incorporated along with the 2018 Form 941, the 2019 tax forms for 2018 filings will not be available. Also, the ability to process payroll checks will no longer be available.

Related functionality that will remain in TotalFBO:

  • Time clock
  • Employee ability to clock in and clock out
  • Employee ability to clock in and clock out of work orders
  • Ability to bill for employee time on shop orders
  • Support for importing journal entries
  • Ability to match employees with external payroll programs

To assist our select group of users with this transition, work is currently underway to deliver an exportable file format approved by payroll provider ADP.

The TotalFBO team sincerely regrets any inconvenience this presents to our valued partners. Due to the complex, resource-intensive nature of a payroll application, continued support of this complimentary benefit has become cost prohibitive.

TotalFBO Accounting Tip of the Quarter

While it is quite possible to make accounting entries to many fiscal years, this is often not desirable. Fence dates allow you to control the range of dates that are open for postings. By having the start date less than one year in the past, you can avoid mistakes, particularly in January, where the previous year is accidentally selected when the current year is intended.

Typically, these dates should range from one to three months into the past as the starting date, and from one month to the end of the current fiscal year as the ending date. As you balance each month’s work, you can change the dates to roll this “window” forward. By keeping your date range small you prevent many accidental data entry errors and control adjusting entries so that they fall within the period you prefer. If it is necessary to adjust an earlier period, you can temporarily move your beginning fence date back, make the entry, and reset the fence date.

Tip: Encryption Key Warning

In TotalFBO, if you are receiving an “encryption key warning,” please do not allow your staff to just press “off” on this warning message. After two weeks, it will change from a warning to an expired message. This will result in you being locked out from credit card processing. This will require the system administrator and accounting staff to activate it and could impact after hours or weekend credit card processing.

TotalFBO customers have also been receiving Fence Date warning messages, as mentioned in the TotalFBO release notes. If this message is ignored, it will expire and it is important that changes are made within 15 days. Please see below.

Welcome Redtail Air, LLC to TotalFBO and our Aviation Software Family

Since 1978 Redtail has flown river rafters, scenic passengers, cargo, charter flights, wildlife surveys, aerial photography, student pilots, pipelines, and backcountry enthusiasts all over the western states. Moab Airport (KCYN) reopened on May 1, 2018, with an expanded runway and remodeled terminal allowing for more commercial traffic. Redtail Air offers fuel and
FBO services, aircraft maintenance, flight school, and some of the most amazing scenic air tours you will ever find. The incredible Waco bi-plane tours thrill from the moment you climb into the cockpit. You know this Biplane was built to fly. Smooth, powerful, and to quote a
Waco pilot “So much fun, it’s silly.”

Open-cockpit flying above sandstone buttes, canyons, and cliffs are far more scenic than cornfields and barns, and just long enough for a perfect introduction to the biplane and Moab’s back-country beauty. Viewing the red rock scenery below is secondary to the experience of soaring above it and feeling the wind in your face. When the wheels leave the ground you will know instantly why pilots of early aviation had such a passion for flight.

See some of the most popular national parks the way they were meant to be seen – from the air! Canyonlands and Arches National Parks will open beneath you as you soar over spectacular geography and hear wild stories about the people and animals that once lived there and some who still do! Redtail Air, Llc offers scenic tours to fit every itinerary that makes the entire area accessible to everyone without ever leaving a footprint.

Learn more about Redtail Air here

Total Aviation Software News

AvPOS|Total Aviation Software Team Accomplishments in Q2 2018

Phillips 66® Certification Pilot Program Completed

The AvPOS/Phillips 66 (P66) Pilot Program was a success on all fronts. Our ten pilot locations “ditched the brick” in Q1 and found AvPOS to be a great solution for their transaction processing needs. Those pilot locations using AvPOS began using the software over the brick at more than a 98 percent rate, further validating that AvPOS/P66 software is the preferred solution moving forward.

Increased Code Quality

The AvPOS/Total Aviation Software (TAS) Development Team has taken a razor focus on continuing to increase code quality with each release. An emphasis has been made to ensure that with each release, current functionality remains intact and users are satisfied with the quality of work. Through increased communication with the Customer Support and Account Management Teams, we have reached several consecutive releases without the need for a fix related to the recent release. This will be the new standard upon which we measure our work.

Database & Server Maintenance

To ensure performance on the AvPOS/TAS platform is as optimal as possible, the Development Team has completed a project to clean up the database set and complete a disaster recovery drill. We are happy to report that this was successfully tested, and by completing this work, we have ensured stability and consistency across the application.

What the AvPOS|Total Aviation Software Team is Focused On for Q3 2018

WFS Contract Fuel Enhancement

Total Aviation Software will now offer sales order integration with the World Fuel Services (WFS) Contract Fuel Program. Contract fuel sales orders will now be shown in Total Aviation Software and provide an additional means to process WFS Contract Fuel. The traditional contract fuel processing option presently in use will remain and will always be an option for merchants comfortable with that process.

P66 Merchant Rollout & Onboarding

With the completion of the AvPOS/Phillips 66 (P66) pilot program, we are setting our sights on additional location onboarding. Our next steps will be a full rollout of the AvPOS/P66 platform and the onboarding of additional locations looking to replace the VX570 point of sale device. Merchants looking to become part of the team should reach out to Aviation Software Customer Support or Sales and ask to receive the electronic onboarding form.

2018 Aviation Software Conference

Join your fellow aviation-industry members and the World Fuel Services team in Houston, TX, September 17-19, to experience the 2018 Aviation Software Conference. You’ll hear from industry experts and learn how technology and aviation management software can help you:

  • Streamline and automate your operation
  • Make your business more profitable
  • Help you better serve customers
  • And more

Learn more & register here

Software Support Spotlight

The Aviation Software Support team is working hard to deliver world class customer service! Our team is ready to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. On-call support is also available for urgent matters outside normal business hours.

Aviation Software Customer Support
Telephone: +1 844 286-5992
E-mail: FBOsoftwaresupport@wfscorp.com

Useful Support Tips and Updates:

Kindly note that our phone support options have recently changed. Please select one of the following options to ensure you receive the most timely and effective support.

  • For Total Aviation Software, please choose option 1.
  • For all TotalFBO questions, please choose option 2.
  • For all MyFBO questions, please choose option 3.


The Software Support team implemented a new and more robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in July! This is just one major milestone in our ongoing efforts to deliver continuous improvement. We all look forward to providing you with great customer experiences!