total fbo

The complete suite offering; a home base for managing your aviation business from wherever you land.

Manage Your FBO With Ease

Manage your aviation business with ease so you can focus on what matters most – providing great service and boosting sales.

  • Track transactions between departments
  • One data entry point to efficiently fix the same error in multiple areas
  • GAAP-compliant double-entry bookkeeping that automatically reverses accruals
  • Manage multiple locations through a single database with complete enterprise functionality

Fully support your CSRs with a single display that shows ramp traffic, invoicing, reservations, and visitors by tail number. Fuel truck automation, Automatic invoicing, Integrated PCI, and PA-DSS compliance features optimize work at enterprise locations

Everything You Need to Operate Your FBO

How much is each department contributing to the bottom line?

With total fbo, you’ll have this information at your fingertips. The system also automatically tracks transactions between departments, such as fueling charter aircraft or maintenance for flight school airplanes.

One display that fully supports your CSRs, enabling them to see at a glance what’s coming and going on your ramp, manage invoicing, reservations, and dispatching, and respond to concierge services requests – even look up visitors by tail number.

Each report offers many customization options, including the ability to export various reports to your spreadsheet for further analysis and the option to select report-specific security requirements, so your sensitive information remains secure.

You can email any report in PDF form directly from total fbo at the touch of a button. Whether it’s sending an invoice or statement to a customer, or emailing financial statements to your banker, all can be done seamlessly. 

In today’s marketplace, where more FBOs are being combined into a single business, the Enterprise edition enables you to operate multiple locations independently while still sharing certain key elements.

You can build a nationwide customer database, giving customers the feeling of working with the same company, no matter which location they fly into.

We provide setup classes and onsite visits to ensure the smoothest transition to total fbo.

Common Questions

We want your team to be as prepared as possible for the new solution. Our training staff provides a comprehensive curriculum on setup, use, and troubleshooting during both the pre- and post-conversion training session.

Training sessions are delivered via webinar and are flexible to accommodate your team’s busy schedule. Additionally, user videos and how-to guides are available for quick reference.

All our FBO software is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), which provides an internal cloud infrastructure and state-of-the-art servers, enabling centralized data management. 

Our network strength also allows us to engage third party resources for regular auditing and compliance. 

All Support Plans Include:

  • Access to the Support Website
  • 24/7/365 after hours emergency support
  • Unlimited telephone and email support for bug-related issues
  • total fbo’s continuous production release process provides bi-monthly updates and enhancements, providing you with the latest functionality at your fingertips

Yes. We support numerous integrations, including CORRIDOR.

The great thing about our software is that it can integrate with your current processes for an overall more efficient operation.