Ease the administrative burden of almost any department with TotalFBO, a software program written specifically for managing aviation operations and finances. The modular system gets you access to instant interdepartmental data in one program. Depending on your needs, you can choose specific modules and customize them to fit your FBO’s needs.


Required Action for Desktop users prior to 7.10.047

Document to install Microsoft Runtime.

TotalFBO® V7.10 Update Only

You must have installed Version 7.10 to be able to utilize this file. Before downloading, perform the required action for desktop users to install the Microsoft Runtime update.

The Supplemental Data for use with Version 7.10

Most Recent versions of the databases for FAA/Canadian aircraft registry, Winds, Airports, Zipcodes, etc. The program must be installed before installing this supplemental data.


TotalFBO® Full Program.

Place this download file on the server you'll be installing to. Execute to unpack the files into a temporary directory. You will be offered the opportunity to continue installing or install later.

Database Changes

Lists all structural changes to the database made when upgrading to Version 7.10. This guidance is provided for those customers who use third-party tools which also access the TotalFBO® database.


Support Desk Connection

Download this to be able to connect your desktop to a TFBO support technician. Once you are connected, our support staff will be able to provide remote assistance during your session.


Remove totalFBOweb connector

Use this to remove the old totalFBOweb PTagent connector from your local computer.

Version 7 Instructions

1. Click on the appropriate link to begin downloading.
2. Download files to a temporary directory.
3. Then execute them to install to your program home directory location.

NoteIf you’re upgrading to this version for the first time, you’ll need new licensing in order to install and run TotalFBO®.
You may obtain updated licensing by completing our online form, or by calling Tech Support at 844-286-5992

TotalFBO® Version 7.10 is installed in a separate directory. It will update a previous database which is on Version 7.00.
It is wise to get a backup of both your software and your database before upgrading.
Be sure that credit card batches are closed prior to performing this update.